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SpecsPro provides one-stop CNC machining service from our China based machine shop facilities. We are specialized in making small-lot production of high precision CNC machining parts, effectively and efficiently. We are your low cost high performance machining solution for your short-run demand and rapid prototyping requirement.

Our Shanghai based 50,000 sqf facility is adequately equipped with 5-axis CNC milling machines and high precision 3D measuring machines and climate controlled machine shop.

The type of products we make are shafts, housings, cases and customized fittings and hardwares. We process raw workpieces formed from forging, sand-casting, die-casting, investment-casting and stamping.

  • SpecsPro Machine Shop
    50,000 sq ft machine shop facility in Shanghai
  • SpecsPro Machining service
    Climate controlled CNC machining workshop
  • 5 axis CNC machining center
    5 axis precision CNC machining center - Deckel
  • 3D measurement machine
    3D precision measurement machine - Zeiss
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